Life Lessons from a PEZ® Dispenser 

 by Anthony Petruzzi 

“The most important single ingredient in 

the formula of success is knowing 

how to get along with people.”


                             -  Theodore Roosevelt

Where Life Takes You...

CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE focuses on interpersonal communication and relationships, emphasizing the personal side and most importantly, strives to put a smile on their faces.

 About The Book  

If people are at the center of every aspect of your life, wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to better communicate with all of them to build stronger relationships?




Learn The Most Powerful Skill In The World


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CONNECT With Anthony

A note from  the author


After 23 years in sales and marketing and 2 years as a regional corporate trainer, a friend asked me to come speak to her marketing Reps and as I finished one of the young associates asked where they can get my material. At that time I had no material, but I knew I needed something official. So I reached back to some of my favorite stories and experiences and started writing. I wanted to make it something everyone could use so we kept it short, simple and to the point.